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A new era for UK property buyers

Combining AI-driven data analysis and deep market expertise to source and secure excellent properties for our clients, at the right price.

X Unrivalled insights backed by cutting-edge algorithms

X Fully-tailored pricing and rental analysis reports

X Impartial, expert guidance throughout

X Transaction management from start to finish

Our Concept

Make it happen

Lean on us; buy in confidence.

Even smart people can make costly mistakes. 

Time and again, we see well-intentioned buyers pay over-the-odds, buy in the wrong areas or choose poor investment strategies. Unfortunately, UK property buyers have traditionally been left to fend for themselves. 

At Oxstone, we level the playing field. We combine meticulously researched, AI-enhanced data analysis with our deep market expertise and broad network of contacts to protect our clients, and help them secure excellent UK properties, at the right price. Put simply, we help minimise their risks and optimise their returns. 

Impartial, expert guidance - always. Whether our clients are based in the UK or overseas, we work in partnership with them, educating and guiding them each step of the way. We never receive commission from developers, so our advice is driven solely by what is in our clients' best interests.

Why Oxstone?

Market-leading data

You will benefit from our meticulous approach to diligence, cutting-edge property investment analysis software and our tailor-made area or property reports, reducing your risk and helping you buy with confidence.

Leverage our network

Our extensive connections across the legal, tax, accounting, surveying, mortgage broking and lettings agency business mean that whatever your needs, we have you covered.

Save time and stress

Our team will do all the heavy lifting for you. Opting for our sourcing package means we proactively manage the process from start to finish, ensuring your busy schedule is no longer a barrier.

Why Oxstone?

Impartial, expert guidance

We never take commission from sellers or developers, meaning we will act solely in your best interests, as your trusted advisor through the entire process.

Any location, any budget

Our platform is UK-wide. Wherever you are looking to buy, whatever your budget, and whether you are relocating or investing, we will help make it happen.

Access off-market property

Not all properties are bought and sold publicly. Clients who opt for our sourcing services will benefit from access to off-market opportunities wherever available.


Our process

Our Process

Opt for our full Sourcing & Analytics package to benefit from Steps 1 through 3 below. Or take a more tailored approach with our Analytics Only package.


We scour the market for on and off-market opportunities which meet our clients' requirements, leveraging our network of contacts and professional investment algorithms to source optimal opportunities.



We use proprietary investment software, enhanced by AI learning, to  conduct meticulous diligence on almost any area or property in the UK. Our deep-dive diligence reports act as investment proposals for our clients, ensuring they pay no more than the right price. 



Our team on the ground in the UK help drive the process throughout - carrying out viewings on behalf of our clients, liaising with estate agents, and solicitors and arranging surveys. Our proactive approach helps ensure exchange of contracts happens as seamlessly and swiftly as possible. 

"Rob is absolutely amazing - I cannot recommend him enough if you are looking to buy property in the UK. He just knows his stuff, listens (importantly!) and is very responsive. Well done!"
J Olier.jpeg

Jonathan Olier, Singapore

"The time saving from Oxstone's expertise and project management is invaluable - and the access to housing data gives buyers a real advantage. Oxstone are my go-to for UK property investments."
G Dray1.png

Gareth Dray, UAE

“This is how everyone should go about buying property. I was able to leverage the data provided to save money on my investment and it was so refreshing to get impartial guidance as a buyer. Brilliant  concept, great execution!”

Thomas Michael, UK

Tom W.jpeg



Any budget

Expert guidance from start to finish

UK-wide sourcing and analysis

Innovative, tech-driven methodology

Mortgage, legal and tax advisors

Overseas or local UK clients

Investment insights

Flexible fee structure

Ready to get started?

How to invest in UK property from overseas


A revolutionary approach to UK property sourcing

Oxstone was founded on a simple yet crucial insight: even the smartest people can make costly mistakes when they lack the time and resources to thoroughly source and vet their future home or investment property.

Time and again, we have seen well-intentioned buyers make sub-par investments, pay over-the-odds or buy in the wrong areas, due to their busy schedules, lack of familiarity with the process and the overwhelming complexities of the property market.  


Our mission is to bridge that gap - empowering our clients to make well-informed and profitable property decisions.

Image by Max Hermansson
Investment property in the UK


Meticulous, data-led, impartial

We combine cutting-edge, data-driven analysis, our deep market expertise and our broad network of contacts to source, analyse and secure excellent UK properties for our clients.

We provide our clients with meticulously researched, accurate and data-driven information, protecting them from the pitfalls of paying more than they should for properties, optimising their returns on investment and allowing them to buy in confidence.


Working in partnership with our clients, we educate and guide them through each step of the process. And, in an industry cluttered with hidden agendas and misinformation, our advice is driven solely by what is in our clients' best interests. We never receive commission from developers, so we can find properties that align perfectly with our clients' goals.

How to buy UK property as foreigner


Any location, strategy or budget

Whether you are looking to relocate to the UK or invest in its potentially lucrative property sector, we are here to help.


We know that our clients lead busy lives. The intricate process of comprehending the market, searching for properties and managing the investment journey can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We handle all these workstreams for our clients so they can focus on what matters most to them.


Our expertise is borderless - we act for clients who are relocating to the UK as well as overseas investors across the globe - from New York to Singapore, Hong Kong to Dubai.


Each of our client's circumstances and requirements are unique, and so our service is always fully tailored and bespoke. Whether our client is looking for a £200,000 flat in Manchester, a holiday rental in Northumberland or a £10,000,000 permanent residence in London, we are trusted to find them the perfect property.

London investment property bought from overseas


An abundance of advantages

We save our clients their most valuable commodity - time. We work proactively to push forward the entire process from sourcing to completion, closing investments as efficiently as possible, saving our clients time and stress.


We also specialise in helping those less familiar with the buying process - guiding our clients each step of the way - connecting them with reputable lawyers, surveyors, tax experts and other advisors who share our commitment to ensuring a seamless and successful investment journey.

Read more about the key advantages of the Oxstone approach below.

Image by Fabian Møller


We believe time is our most valuable commodity. A busy schedule shouldn't be a barrier to finding the perfect home or investment. So we will carry out the search, provide a detailed due diligence report,  arrange viewings and surveys and deal with estate agents for you.


We act proactively to push forward the entire process, working efficiently to save you time and stress.


Engaging Oxstone means benefitting from our meticulous approach to diligence, using cutting-edge property investment analysis software.


We provide tailor-made due diligence reports for each property, helping you make an assessment of purchase price, yield, cash flow and ROI, so you can buy in confidence, maximise your returns and avoid potentially costly mistakes. 


Not all properties are listed on property search websites. Many are sold off-market, before they are ever advertised. We leverage our network of contacts and the latest property sourcing software to source off-market opportunities wherever available.


As we don't take commission from developers, we offer impartial, conflict-free advice, and we are not restricted in the properties we recommend.


We act for buyers purchasing properties across all areas of the UK and with  a broad range of  goals, from relocations to building investment portfolios. Our methodology allows us to source and secure many different types of property.


We help to secure large permanent residences, city-centre apartments, countryside holiday lets, homes of multiple occupation (HMOs), student rentals, and buy-to-let opportunities in urban areas.


Investing in UK property can be a daunting proposition, particularly for overseas investors. We will guide you through the entire process, explain the jargon, and navigate any hurdles.


We also never take commission from sellers or developers, and take pride in our ability act solely in your best interests, conflict-free. We always recommend properties we consider best meet your criteria, and if we believe a property does not represent a good investment, we will tell you. 


Whether you need tax advice, a good solicitor, accountant, surveyor, mortgage broker or lettings agent - we have you covered. We have extensive connections across the relevant sectors and can arrange the necessary introductions.

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